Workshop of The Ocean Thought Nothing

Hi friends! So excited to announce that this weekend is the workshop of my play, THE OCEAN THOUGHT NOTHING. I am thrilled to be working on this play again, directed by the talented Lana Russell, and with an amazing cast. This is a barebones work-in-progress workshop, but we have all been working so hard over the past few weeks and I think the script is looking really strong.

Here are the deets:

A workshop in-progress (supported by Goldfish Memory Productions)
By Kari Bentley-Quinn
Directed by Lana Russell

When seventeen year old aspiring marine biologist Colleen goes missing, all eyes are on her boyfriend Robbie, a sensitive young man with a violent past. When Robbie heads out on his boat to look for Colleen off the coast of southwest Connecticut, he encounters a lost humpback whale in Long Island Sound. Robbie’s search for Colleen and his desperate attempt to help the lost whale collide in unexpected and mysterious ways. 

Featuring: Charly Bivona, Oscar Cabrera, Kristin Granade, Billy Higgins and Trevor McGhie

Friday, 2/9 at 7 pm
Sunday, 2/11 at 7 pm
RSVP - limited seating!

Primary Stages
Studio B
307 West 38th Street
New York, NY 10018