Honorable Mention for the Relentless Award!

So excited to announce that my play WENDY AND THE NECKBEARDS was named as an Honorable Mention for the Relentless Award! This play was in a pool of the top 20 or so plays out of nearly 1000 submissions, and I am so grateful and proud. My fellow Honorable Mentions include such rockstar writers as Ming Peiffer, Aurin Squire, and Laura Jacqmin. For anyone interested in reading, the play is available for download on New Play Exchange, or you can contact my agents.

You can see the full list here, along with the finalists, semifinalists (such as my girl Gina Femia!) and about-to-be-super-famous winner Gracie Gardner and her fantastic play PUSSY SLUDGE. 

Special shout out to all my colleagues at Mission to (dit)Mars who told me to keep going with this play when I was like "what the eff am I writing you guys?".