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“Playwright Kari Bentley-Quinn has created a remarkably sensitive and intelligent play…I highly recommend seeing this production.” -StageBuzz

“Bentley-Quinn is a promising playwright, addressing the meaning of life in a way that is still somewhat taboo.” – Queens Chronicle

“Kari Bentley-Quinn’s The Unlikely Ascent of Sybil Stevens is an entertaining exploration of the complexities of becoming a limited vortex public figure in the Internet age and the dangers that can go with it.” -LIC Court Square Blog

“This is a solid production of a play that asks some fundamental questions about our contemporary culture and the costs and benefits of celebrating (or depending on your perspective, exploiting) ordinary people who experience extraordinary events. The main character Sybil is both well-drawn by playwright Kari Bentley-Quinn and excellently portrayed by Jennifer Gordon Thomas.”  –Maxamoo

“Bentley-Quinn seems interested in exploring the notion that just because something extraordinary happens to someone that doesn’t necessarily make them extraordinary…Bentley-Quinn’s piece works best when she is looking at the aftermath of Sybil’s ordeal and the hysteria that swells up around her survival." -Queens Times-Ledger

“Bentley-Quinn has written a sensitive and intelligent play about an extremely fraught situation.” – Theatermania

Reviews for PAPER CRANES

“For audiences that delight in downtown theater, “Paper Cranes” is a wish come true.” – Backstage

“Kari Bentley-Quinn is a gifted writer, and her flowing dialogue weaves her characters’ interconnected stories together in a way that never feels contrived. She explores with great insight the complex nature of relationships — maternal, platonic, romantic, sexual, gay and straight.” – Show Business Weekly

“In Bentley-Quinn’s play, the folding and unfolding of these paper birds is a powerful symbol of how we fold and unfold our emotional realities…Kudos to Packawallop Productions for developing this play and giving it a top-notch production as support.”

“Gifted playwright Kari Bentley Quinn…merges drama and sentimentalism with enough grit to make it feel like a reflection of real life rather than over the top melodrama. …this is the sort of play that made you fall in love with independent theater in the first place.” -Theatre is Easy

“…For all characters there is introspection, and for all there is enlightenment…there is something charming to the delicateness, the softness with which Bentley-Quinn constructs the story, much as the care needed for the folding of cranes, her characters are touched with a gentle humanity.” -Black Box Reviews

“Bentley-Quinn clearly has great affection for each of these characters. Even when they feel like familiar types, something we have seen before, she has drawn them so sharply that we soon learn they are all worth caring about and paying attention to. The same can be said for this smart production – and the playwright as well.” - OffOffOnline

“An intelligent production, it successfully leaves the audience thinking how sex is an expression of something else.” – PopMatters

Reviews for THE PERMANENT NIGHT (FringeNYC 2008 Award Winner)

“…A deeply satisfying emotional roller coaster, with peaks of gut-wrenching laughter and lows that bring you close to tears…Are the intoxicating effects of this play indelible? It’s too early to say, but they stay with you long after the closing scene.” – Time Out NY

“New York City’s famous blackout of 2003 is the setting for this excellent new play, written by Kari Bentley-Quinn…The play is, of course, set just two years after 9/11, and its effect still looms large on the characters as they come to grips with old grudges, open wounds and unspoken problems…all in all, a standout production.” – CurtainUp

“…this original play is having its theatrical debut at FringeNYC, and it is a surprisingly honest and appealing new work…packs an emotional and gently humorous wallop.”