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New mom Nina has a healthy baby boy, a loving husband...and is struggling with terrifying nightmares and anxiety attacks. Her therapist, Bonnie, is trying to help her discover how she can be a better mother to her infant son. In the meantime, Bonnie's estranged daughter, Mary, arrives home with some life changing news. When Nina and Mary become friends, Bonnie's professional and personal life gets a lot more complicated. 


Developed with Mission to (dit)Mars The Propulsion Lab - Fall 2015

World Premiere Production - Spring 2019 - Halcyon Theatre - Chicago (dir: Tony Adams) (tickets available here)

Reading - November 2016 - Mission to (dit)Mars Launch Pad Reading Series (dir: Kristin McCarthy Parker)

Roundtable - February 2016 - Lark Play Development Center

Finalist - 2018 Artemisia Fall Festival

Finalist - 2017 Leah Ryan FEWW Prize

Finalist - 2017 Bay Area Playwrights Festival

Finalist - 2017 Ashland New Play Festival

Semi-Finalist - 2016 Princess Grace Award

Semi-Finalist - 2017 O'Neill National Playwrights Conference