Full length

2F, 3M

Thirty years from now, New York City is hit by a massive tsunami that has changed the landscape and the citizens of the city forever. Amena Fakhoury, one of the last Syrian refugees living in the United States, has been scuba diving to find the lost items of the people who were taken in the wave, and for any evidence of the people she lost. In the meantime, the Muslim community she lives in is being oppressed, jailed and monitored by a privatized police force. THE DIVER is a play about New York, our possible future, and what people do when someone is lost.

Developed in Mission to (dit)Mars The Propulsion Lab - 2017/18

Semi-Finalist: The Playwrights Realm Writing Fellows Program 2018-19

Workshop: Goldfish Memory Productions Beta Workshop (dir: Lana Russell) - November 2018